Tasting Notes

All of our teas are loose leaf and served in a teapot, with a beautiful vintage china teacup – we believe it makes the tea taste better.

Take a look at our tasting notes below and come in and try them!

Brewery English Breakfast Blend – A special blend of Ceylon and Assam tea. The perfect start to any day, brew up to four minutes, usually taken with milk.

Earl Gray Leaf – The Queen Mum’s favorite tea! Large leaf, scented with the citrus oil of Bergamot. Wonderfully fragrant and great with cakes and sweet things. Usually served without milk and short infusion time.

Lady Gray – A Delicate, fragrant variation of the famous Earl Gray Tea, scented with bergamot, lemon and orange peel.

Darjeeling Leaf – Known as the ‘champagne of teas’, with a delicate and refined flavor – usually served with little milk

Assam Bop – A bracing and strongly colored cup. The boldest of teas, especially popular with British tea-drinkers. Infuse for around four minutes, usually served with milk.

Winter Tea – A black China tea with dried orange peel, ground cloves, dried hibiscus flowers blended to form a rich, spicy flavor

Lapsang Souchong – You will either love or loathe this one, known for its smokey flavor. Never taken with milk, sometimes a slice of lemon and a short infusion time

Jasmine Flower – An aromatic blend, scented with jasmine flowers. Very drinkable in the afternoon. Drink ‘pure’ without milk.

Russian Caravan – Named after the way in which tea used to be transported by camel caravans. A robust, smokey taste, best without milk.

Gunpowder – A fine Chinese green tea ‘unoxidised’ meaning no chemical change occurs during manufacture. Taken without milk.

Chun Mee – A Chinese green tea, packed full of antioxidants and health benefits. Drink pure and infuse for at least three minutes, a small amount of sugar can enhance its flavor.

Camomile Flowers (caffeine free) – Noted for its calming effects and medical benefits. Served without milk, steep for three to four minutes.

Peppermint Cut – A cleansing, digestive tisane, refreshing to the palette and great after a heavy night out of if you just want to feel cleansed! Infuse for at least three minutes and drink ‘au naturel’.

Keemun – A black tea from China, soft and fruity with hints of pine creating a balanced taste. Usually drunk without milk or sugar, but outside of China, with milk.

Strawberry and Kiwi Fruit Tisane – Mouth-watering sweet strawberries and fruity kiwis blended with red hibiscus. All fruit to naturally free from caffeine and tannins. Drink hot without milk.

Passion Fruit and Orange Fruit Tisane – Tropical passion fruit and orange peels, artfully blended to produce a ruby red drink loaded with flavor but no caffeine.

Red Berry Tisane – Have a cup of healthiness! A sweet, fruity aroma of red berries, equally lovely in winter or summer